Dari Jewelry — «Red thread of destiny» ring in silver
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«Red thread of destiny» ring in silver

The red thread of destiny [運 命 の 赤 い 糸] is a phenomenon from the Japanese philosophy of wholeness, which means the path from the heart to the little finger. The little finger is a real "representative" of the heart, a symbol of reconciliation. According to the Japanese legend, an invisible thread "flows" from the little finger, this connects us with the threads of other people, that is, with their hearts. Such people are destined to meet regardless of time, place and events. Throughout life, a thread can be tangled, separating related people from each other, but it will never tear.
The Set of rings is (-) a classic fit and a phalanx. It can be worn separately.

There are the hieroglyphs inside the ring, which mean "The red thread of destiny"
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The photo could heavily distort scale and image.
Almost all jewelry can be made in red, yellow and white gold, and also in silver.
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We pack all jewelry in the brand packaging (the box, fabric bag, white pocket and a small surprise).
Average time of making: 4 weeks. If you have a certain day when the order must be delivered, please let us know.

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