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Wedding For her Unisex Collections How to order Contacts RU
Wedding For her Unisex Collections
How to order Contacts RU


To order any item I need to receive the following information:

  • Name, Second name
  • Contact details (delivery address, phone number)
  • Item name
  • The size of a finger (if you order a ring), and photo of your hand if available, especially if You order a wide model
  • Personal adjustments for the item (for example if You need wider or more narrow, another color of material)
  • Approximate payment date
  • The latest date you need to get the order (if necessary)
  • If you have ordered by us before please note it

The average production takes from 2 to 6 weeks after prepayment, it depends. During ordering you will be informed about the actual production time. If you changed your mind or postponed your purchase please inform us about it. It is better to order wedding rings, both gold and silver, 2 months in advance, and during summer period even earlier.


You can make a full prepayment of 100% or 30% of the amount as a deposit, and the rest – on the fact of manufacturing.

In Ukraine: money transfer to Privat Bank card, the number is provided with the order.

Near abroad countries, money transfer by these companies:

Other countries: PayPal or money transfers Western Union and MoneyGram



  • Nova Poshta or courier service;
  • Pick-up from the office. Kazimir Malevich (Bozhenko) str. 86-P, BC “Lybid” (m. Lybidska).


  • Nova Poshta (delivery for 1-2 days). For getting the parcel you need a passport or driver’s license, as well as the number of the declaration;
  • Nova Poshta courier service.

Other countries:

  • by air mail, shipment after the full prepayment

The size of fingers

The size of fingers is the best to measure by a special a measuring instrument in any jewelry repair workshop or in my studio. The jewelry shops do not usually have measuring instruments and consultants offer to try on finished products with a fixed size. This method is worse, as the size varies slightly depending on the model of the ring, form of your fingers, as well as a standard of a manufacturing factory, for example, the ring may be in fact the size of 17.8, but indicated on the label as 18 or 17.5

"Happy customer".

Now with every new order you will accumulate a discount!
Together with your order you will be given a happy customer card.
Each time you order, one new blueberry and 1% discount on your next purchase will be added to your card.
10 blueberries give a constant 10% discount on all future orders.
Please notice that your discount can be summed up with the “share discount”, but gets a maximum of 15%. It is not summed up with the current short-term special offers.
If you order jewelry in gold the discount is halved and only applies to the cost of the work.


As you order a set of two items you get a discount of 3%, if three items you get a 5% discount.

You can get a discount if you share three times a link to the website or group BK and FB. The publication must include an active link, and be accessible to all users! Then, you send a link to the post and get a discount on gold items (- 5%), silver (- 10%). It can be summed up with the “happy customer discount”, but gets a maximum of 15%. It is not summed up with the current short-term special offers.
Discount does not apply to:
– the cost of gold , 3D Modeling services (modeling and shape cutting), rhodium plating. The use of these services shall be specified when ordering.
– On wedding rings, ordered in less than two months before the desired date.
You can fully or partially pay for the order with silver scrap. To learn more, please contact me by any of the methods listed in the section “Contacts”.